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admin , Posted on September 22, 2017, filed in: Tech News , Technology

Cookie policy disclaimer is display on website by LAW If your website any type of cookie. In now a days almost website always display cookie policy disclaimer mainly display on European website. It’s protecting by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). So, most developers and website developer required Cookie Policy Generator for now.

What is Cookie?

In your mind the first question is what is Cookie? Cookie is stored small amount of data like some user information, website configuration etc. on your local computer. Which is used in future when you used same website again? Using of cookie is make some criminal offence in past. So, that European Union makes a LAW GDPR that’s protecting you if your PC and personal data hack by other website cookie. So, always display cookie policy consent if your website used any cookie.

What required your website for cookie policy?

In your website if you make cookie policy consent you required main 2 things

  1. Cookie Policy Popup on all page
    In your website always display a popup with cookie policy consent. Where user sees clearly this website used cookie. When user click “Ok” or your cookie consent button then it will hide the popup.
  2. Cookie Policy Page where you can write how to store data using cookie
    If user wants to see detail description about how to used cookie on his system and which data you stored on his computer. You write detail description on separate page or display on popup with full information.

Cookie Policy Generator

  • If you want to Cookie policy code for your website, you can used Cookie Policy Generator from here you can click here.
  • If you want to wordpress plugin click here
  • If you direct want to code then check below code and put on your website